This Golf Story Collector’s Edition might be the best Collector’s Edition of all the Collector’s Editions.

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Fangamer is selling a limited number of Golf Story Collector’s Editions. The collection is impressive. In fact, I legimately believe this is one of the best packages I’ve ever seen in a collector’s edition, but I am also a huge fan of this game so I may be a little biased!

Here’s the description from the Fangamer website:

A limited number of Golf Story Winner’s Edition packages are now available on Fangamer! Pick up the physical edition on Switch, published by Limited Run Games, alongside a cart-full of extras:

Golf Story for Switch (region free)
Full-color booklet
11×17-inch GALF poster
Your very own Wellworn Grove trophy
Tidy Park membership card
Wellworn Grove golf ball and tee set

Everything comes packaged in a big, beautiful windowed box. 

And some screenshots of all the goodies.

The package is being sold for $79.00 if you are interested. Click here to head over to the product page.

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