I Want to Get Physical(games) 3/29

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Nintendo Nation has kept you in the know on digital game sales and deals for the Switch, but what about you gamers that crave the physical release. Let me hear your body talk about these notable deals.


Just Dance 2019 – $19.99(was $39.99)

Octopath Traveler – $44.99(was $59.99)

Diablo 3 – $49.99(was $59.99)

Best Buy

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle – $19.99(was $59.99)

Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack – $29.99(was $74.99)

NBA 2K19 – $29.99(was $59.99)

NBA 2K Playground 2 – $19.99(was $29.99)

My Hero’s One Justice – $39.99(was $59.99)


Super Mario Odyssey – $48.99(was $59.99)

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