My, how things have changed.

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After a showcase of new content coming to the Nintendo Switch in the coming months, Nintendo continues the strong momentum that they have built ever since the Switch was first revealed. Worldwide hardware sales have almost tripled those of the Wii U in about half the time on market. And with more and more games coming that will excite fans, it’s not hyperbole to say that the Switch might be Nintendo’s most impressive home console to date.

It’s almost hard to remember how little software was being released for Wii U. When compared to Switch, the difference is staggering. At last check, the Switch has over 1200 games available to play, already surpassing the Wii Us pultry 750. A Nintendo Direct in the middle of the Wii Us life was much different than the one we witnessed yesterday, where the Switch had over 10 new game announcements.

A typical Wii U Direct might have three or four new game announcements, but perhaps the biggest difference is that those games would typically be months, or more likely, years, away. Nintendo doesn’t announce games that far in advance too often anymore, but they had to do that with Wii U due to the circumstances.

Third party support is as strong as it has been, dare I say, since the SNES? Square Enix has been the biggest supporter, with a slew of Final Fantasy games, an exclusive jrpg, and Dragon Quest games. They aren’t the only ones.

Nintendo has formed a pretty strong relationship with Platinum Games, first with Bayonetta, and now Astral Chain.

This budding relationship between Nintendo and P* has been really fruitful for fans.

Ubisoft has proven to be a big supporter of the Switch as well, as they have been given relative creative freedom with the Star Fox IP in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. What started with a very random and odd partnering of Mario + Rabbids has now blossomed into a trusting relationship involving one of Miyamoto’s most trusted IP.

There is still room for improvement too, regarding third parties, as there are still popular games that haven’t arrived. Still no Call of Duty, Madden, Robloxs, Overwatch, but that could change in the months ahead.

All that without touching on first party content, which is as strong as ever and as consistent as ever as well. 2019 is filled with varied and exclusive content.

It’s a different time for Nintendo, and there is excitement surrounding the company that hasn’t been felt by fans in what seems like a long time. As more and more games are released, there are more and more opportunities to jump in and play great content. The Wii U years were very dark, but the Switch has brought back the light, and the future seems very bright.

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